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13509 Berlin
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Attorneys at Law Munich
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Landsberger Str. 155
80687 Munich

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Attorneys at Law Stuttgart
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Litigation/ Court disputes/ In court representation

We collaborate with our colleagues attorneys in case they are not able to meet in court-deadlines themselves; we would be glad to provide you and your client with our qualified expertise from our very extensive and versatile Law Firm. We will offer:

  • Prompt assessment and confirmation of the mandate ;
  • Careful familiarization with the fact after the transmission of the reference file (via post, fax, e-mail, electronic files) ;
  • Impartial and technically substantiated professional approach to the case for your mandate as sub-authorized power of attorney (including, if necessary, restraint or negotiation of the settlement agreements/actual oral pleading of the case, as well as any statement on the legal situation in the deadline; etc. ) ;
  • Transmission of the detailed report via fax or e-mail in connection with the in court-representation (no later than the following day) ;  
  • Sharing of charges, excluding additional fees you may have agreed with your client.


You´ll find our main office here!

horak .Attorneys at Law
Georgstr. 48
30159 Hannover

Please contact us:

Tel. +49 511/ 357356 - 0
Fax +49 511/ 357356 - 29

Litigation in Germany

We practise litigation in all German courts (with the exception of the BGH in civil matters). In respect of our own clients we are active in many disputes before German Courts.

Furthermore, we take over the representations in the following courts in Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg for clients of other lawyers:

  • Hanover (all courts, in particular, representation before all local courts in Hanover, District Court of Hanover,  Labour Court of Hanover, State Labour Court of Hanover, Administrative Court of Hanover, Social Welfare Court of Hanover)
  • Brunswick (all courts; in particular, representation before all local courts in Brunswick, District Court of Brunswick, Labour Court of Brunswick, Higher Regional Court of Brunswick)
  • Celle (all courts; in particular, representation before all the local courts in Celle, “Landssozialgericht” Lower Saxony, Higher Regional Court of Celle)
  • Hamburg (all courts; in particular, before the District Court of Hamburg and the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg)
  • Bremen (all courts; in particular, before the District Court of Bremen and the Higher Regional Court of Bremen)
  • Gottingen (all courts; in particular, representation before the Local Court of Göttingen, District Court Göttingen)
  • Bückenburg (all courts, representation before the State Court, Local Court of Bückenburg and District Court of Bückenburg)
  • Hameln (all courts, representation before the Local Court of Hameln and the State Labour Court of Hameln)
  • The Court of Justice of the district of Hanover and Hildesheim (District Court of Burgwedel, District Court of Hameln, District Court of Hanover, District Court Neustadt am Rübenberge, District Court of Springe, District Court of Wennigsen) Lehrte, District Court of Peine)


This includes our forensic practice before the following German Courts:


  • Niedersächsischer Staatsgerichtshof (in Bückeburg)
  • Oberlandesgericht Braunschweig, Landgericht Brunswick
  • Amtsgericht Bad Gandersheim | Amtsgericht Brunswick | Amtsgericht Clausthal-Zellerfeld | Amtsgericht Goslar | Amtsgericht Helmstedt | Amtsgericht Salzgitter | Amtsgericht Seesen | Amtsgericht Wolfenbüttel | Amtsgericht Wolfsburg
  • Landgericht Göttingen
  • Amtsgericht Duderstadt | Amtsgericht Einbeck | Amtsgericht Göttingen | Amtsgericht Hann. Münden  | Amtsgericht Herzberg am Harz  | Amtsgericht Northeim | Amtsgericht Osterode am Harz
  • Oberlandesgericht Celle
  • Landgericht Bückeburg
  • Amtsgericht Bückeburg | Amtsgericht Rinteln | Amtsgericht Stadthagen
  • Landgericht Hanover
  • Amtsgericht Burgwedel | Amtsgericht Hameln | Amtsgericht Hanover | Amtsgericht Neustadt am Rübenberge | Amtsgericht Springe | Amtsgericht Wennigsen (Deister)
  • Landgericht Hildesheim
  • Amtsgericht Alfeld | Amtsgericht Burgdorf | Amtsgericht Elze | Amtsgericht Gifhorn | Amtsgericht Hildesheim | Amtsgericht Holzminden | Amtsgericht Lehrte | Amtsgericht Peine
  • Landgericht Lüneburg
  • Amtsgericht Celle | Amtsgericht Dannenberg (Elbe) | Amtsgericht Lüneburg | Amtsgericht Soltau | Amtsgericht Uelzen | Amtsgericht Winsen
  • Landgericht Stade
  • Amtsgericht Bremervörde | Amtsgericht Buxtehude | Amtsgericht Cuxhaven | Amtsgericht Langen | Amtsgericht Otterndorf | Amtsgericht Stade | Amtsgericht Tostedt | Amtsgericht Zeven
  • Landgericht Verden
  • Amtsgerichte Achim | Amtsgericht Diepholz | Amtsgericht Nienburg | Amtsgericht Osterholz-Scharmbeck | Amtsgericht Rotenburg (Wümme) | Amtsgericht Stolzenau | Amtsgericht Sulingen | Amtsgericht Syke | Amtsgericht Verden | Amtsgericht Walsrode
  • Oberlandesgericht Oldenburg
  • Landgericht Aurich
  • Amtsgericht Aurich | Amtsgericht Emden | Amtsgericht Leer | Amtsgericht Norden | Amtsgericht Wittmund
  • Landgericht Oldenburg
  • Amtsgericht Brake | Amtsgericht Cloppenburg | Amtsgericht Delmenhorst | Amtsgericht Jever | Amtsgericht Nordenham | Amtsgericht Oldenburg | Amtsgericht Varel | Amtsgericht Vechta | Amtsgericht Westerstede | Amtsgericht Wildeshausen | Amtsgericht Wilhelmshaven
  • Landgericht Osnabrück
  • Amtsgericht Bad Iburg | Amtsgericht Bersenbrück | Amtsgericht Lingen | Amtsgericht Meppen | Amtsgericht Nordhorn | Amtsgericht Osnabrück | Amtsgericht Papenburg
  • Landesarbeitsgericht Niedersachsen (in Hanover)
  • Arbeitsgericht Brunswick | Arbeitsgericht Celle | Arbeitsgericht Emden | Arbeitsgericht Göttingen | Arbeitsgericht Hameln | Arbeitsgericht Hanover | Arbeitsgericht Hildesheim | Arbeitsgericht Lingen | Arbeitsgericht Lüneburg | Arbeitsgericht Nienburg | Arbeitsgericht Oldenburg | Arbeitsgericht Osnabrück | Arbeitsgericht Stade | Arbeitsgericht Verden | Arbeitsgericht Wilhelmshaven
  • Niedersächsisches Finanzgericht (in Hanover)
  • Landessozialgericht Niedersachsen-Bremen (in Celle) (für Niedersachsen und Bremen)
  • Sozialgericht Aurich | Sozialgericht Braunschweig | Sozialgericht Hanover | Sozialgericht Hildesheim | Sozialgericht Lüneburg | Sozialgericht Oldenburg | Sozialgericht Osnabrück | Sozialgericht Stade
  • Niedersächsisches Oberverwaltungsgericht (in Lüneburg)
  • Verwaltungsgericht Brunswick | Verwaltungsgericht Göttingen | Verwaltungsgericht Hanover | Verwaltungsgericht Lüneburg | Verwaltungsgericht Oldenburg | Verwaltungsgericht Osnabrück | Verwaltungsgericht Stade

Court hearing representative

What does it mean to be the court hearing representatives (Terminsvertreter) or  the communicating lawyers (Korrespondenzanwalt) ?

Legal actions comprise particular local jurisdictions. Frequently, a plaintiff does not have a choice between several local courts (forum shopping), but he is allowed to bring his action to the Local Court. Processes are organized by means of written pleadings, and because of the ban on “confidential verdicts” the proceedings are to be conducted orally. The trial date always takes place at the trial court.

The attorney engaged by the client can decide to involve another lawyer as substitute/representative in loco in case he is not able to attend the trial; the client has obviously to be aware of the facts and agree with the decision of the attorney.

Support of a Patent Attorney on a court trial

In judicial disputes in the area of ​​intellectual property rights, the date of trial in front of the Courts of industrial property protection in our area (LG Brunswick, LG Bremen, LG Bielefeld, LG Hamburg and related OLGs) can also be carried out by one of our attorneys with the support of a patent attorney.


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