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Legal advice and legal protection from A-Z

Legally-safe activities should be legally designed, in an international context.

Constitutions, amendments, corresponding reforms and new regulations have been introduced in this European and international flood of regulations. As a result, the legal part of acts and developments become more and more complex. Anyone who wants to acquire / dispose a right, who does not want to violate the law in order to have or keep something, will need a qualified and professional attorney. Horak Attorneys at Law is here for you.

Our professional competence, solid education, continuous development, and our experience build the fundamentals of our work. Individual distinctive features of our lawyers are specialization, branch-specific knowledges as well as creativity. Horak Attorneys at Law is a great team, composed of ca.25 employees, attorneys, lawyers and patent attorneys, as well as a cooperative team working in general economic consulting / tax advice for goal-oriented advice and excellent representation at a highest level.

Please make sure to contact us for further information.

Our areas of Law from A to Z:

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American Law/ US Law

American Law, source of law, economical rights, American jurisdictions, enforcements, UN-sales law

American Trademark Law/ US Trademark Law

American trademarks, national marks, registered trademarks, trademarks registration in the USA before the USPTO, trademark license, used brands, trademark´s infringement.

American Patent Law/ US Patent Law

Patent´s researches, patent application in the USA, patent records, license of patent, patent lawyers, patent infringement.

American Copyright Law/ US Copyright Law

Copyright, copyright filing, copyright register, authors´ rights protection in the USA, transfer of copyright, copyright´s infringement

Agricultural Law

Agricultural Law, Taxation, Animal rights, Environmental Law, Wine Law, Forestry Law, Fisheries Law, State aid law, Hunting Law, rental law


Architectural Law


Architectural contract, architect liabilities, honorarium code for architects and engineers (HOAI), Advertising rights for architects, Copyright for architects, preservation of evidence


Antitrust Law

Ban on cartels proceedings, merger control, merging control, abuse control proceedings, antitrust fine, cartel fine, Anti-Dumping proceedings, EU-antitrust law, procurement law, European procurement law, cartel agreements, defense against trust-administrative offence, representation in anti-trust proceedings before the Federal cartel office, process control


Animals rights

Animal proceedings law, animal purchasing law, animal scarcity, safeguard of animal laws, veterinary laws, animal owner responsibility, horses´ rights, large-animal’s rights, animal liabilities law, kennel´s rights, legal and administrative proceedings.


Administrative Law

Administrative contract´s law, public economic law, public construction law, environmental law,  public service law, civil service law, disciplinary law, legislation on waste,minig law,  protection from emission law, municipal rights, school laws, college law, water law, genetic technology rights, administrative procedural law, administrative and legal proceedings, also in social cases and administrative proceedings rights, European administrative law, international administrative law, constitutional law.

Association Right

Registered association, association laws, foundation of an association, article of association, management, association, meeting of members, decision´s setting, agenda, “ideal” association, investments, dispute, liquidation, legal proceedings.

Banking Law

Bank contract law, banking supervisory law, credit sector law, capital investment right, financial law, general banking law

Bankruptcy  Law

Regulation insolvency proceedings, company insolvency proceedings, private insolvency proceedings, insolvency administration, insolvency contestations, creditors consultancy, debtor consultancy, rehabilitation, rehabilitation plan, registration of bankruptcy, insolvency defense

Business law

Sales contractual rights, commercial law, commercial agent law, European commercial laws, international commercial law, online commercial law, internet right of distribution, customs law, foreign trade law, legal and administrative law.

Business Start-Up

Business creation, business founding, trade foundation, counselling of business start-up, business acquisition, Franchising, branches establishment, licensing, contract arrangement, company establishment

Broker´s rights

Estate agent´s contract law, estate agent rights, business broker right, financial broker right, commercial agent rights, broker´s provision, assertion and defense of claims, also from legal issues.

Construction Law

Building contract, building law, construction defect law, building rights, building security, construction management, building management.

Civil Service Law

Assessment, transfer, implementation, delegation, competition, classification, salary, public employment law.


Compliance management, compliance manager, compliance officer, liability right, damage right.

Commercial Law

Commercial contracts right, commercial agent rights, commercial agent provision, commercial agent contract right, Transport law, carrier law, foreign trade law, customs law, international commercial law

Commercial agent rights/ sales representatives law

Commercial agent contract, authorized dealer right, Process right, international commercial agent’s rights, claim for compensation, commercial agent's contract, distributor agreement, Franchising agreement, cancellation proceedings

Catering Law/ Restaurant Law

Statutory permission, license to operate a bar or a restaurant, restrictions, trade office, public order office, revocation of permission, prohibition order, closure disposals, restaurants ‘rent, contracts for the supply of beer, restaurant contracts right, law regarding the purchase of restaurants, bankruptcy law 

Capital Market Law

Checking and monitoring the various capital market financing opportunities, banking law, damages law for investors

Cosmetics Law

Cosmetics regulation, security of cosmetics, cosmetics distribution rights, cosmetics manufacture, Importation of cosmetics, labelling requirement, product counterfeiting, right of advertising of cosmetics products, competition law


Tort law, compensation for personal money, personal injury, material damage, pecuniary loss, mitigation responsibility, liability law, calculation of damages, amount of damages, loss of profit, license analogy, skimming off excess profits, wrongful act, negligence and premeditation, loss adjustment in collaboration with insurance companies.

Copyright Law

Copyright contracts right, services ‘protection law, authors, threshold of originality, filing, rights of the individual author, copyright use rights, limitations and exceptions to copyright, copyrights demands, discernment of a company, music rights, Film law, television law, photo law, image law, rights of a text´s author, practicing artists, “small coin”, EU-copyright, international copyright law, defense in case of a claim or an assessment in the area of copyright law or services ‘protection law, legal proceedings.

Contractual Law

Contracts ‘designation of every kind of contracts, selling contracts, donation contract, work contracts, service agreement, German European and international contracts, contract model, non-standard contracts, AGB, examination of contracts, contract´s modification, contractual adjustments, contracts´ termination, compensation, obligation to contract, contract´s withdrawal, contract enforcement, defense of a claim, juridical and extrajudicial proceedings, dunning procedure, enforcement.

Competition Law

Integrity law, warning letters, verification of marketing measures, right to advertise, competition, researches, competition rights screening, claims ‘defense for competitors, business rivalry, injunctive process, legal proceedings, European and international law of competition.

Commercial Criminal Law

Defense in commercial criminal law such as (Online-)Fraud, bribery, violation of protective rights, violation of the UWG regulations or other specific commercial laws.

Civil Law

General civil law, Examination and assessment of the claim for the purpose of asserting or defending civil rights claims, Representation in the civil process before all courts (with exception of the BGH in civilian affairs), civil procedure law, legal encashment.

Customs Law

Custom audit, import, export, export contracts, foreign trade law, costumes procedural law, border seizure.

Corporate Law

Company formation right, for all german, european and international legal forms (for instance, GmbH, UG, KG, OHG, AG, KG, GbR, Association, Ltd., LLP, EWiV, Foundation, etc) and other particular areas of law.  Shareholder dispute, Compliance, contracts of employment, procedural rules, preparation and support of shareholder meetings, general meetings; trial


Design Rights/ Design Law

Registered design rights, design registrations, design infringement, EU-design law, unregistered design, international design, process design

Design Protection

Registration for design in Germany, Europe, international or national worldwide; Design Management, Design Portfolio Optimization, design research

Domain Rights/ Domain Law

Domain name rights, domain registration with all available extensions for all NICs and their rules worldwide, domain name infringement, domain purchase, domain sale, domain usage contract, process management

Domain Arbitration Proceedings

Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures, ADR-EU procedures (dispute procedures for EU domains), other arbitration procedures for all domains concerned

Employee invention Law

Claim of invention, free invention, job-related invention, suggestion for improvement

Energy rights/ Energy Law

Energy monopolies Law, Energy industry Law, energy taxes law, electroencephalography procedures, European Energy and state aid law, energy contracts rights, political-energy legal consultation, process control

European Law

EU-right, EU-state aid law, EU-antitrust law, EU-procurement law, EU-commercial law, EU-corporate law, EU-procedural law, EU-process litigation before the European Court of First Instance (ECJ), the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Engineer Right

Engineer contract right, Engineer´s Rights, engineering’s office, contract for work and labor rights, service contract agreement, contract enforcement, claim defense, engineer´s responsibility, Process control

Examination Right

Exam contestation, objection against a test´s notice, lawsuit against a test´s notice, apprenticeship test, Mastership examination, school leaving examination, university or college examination, promotion, habilitation, inspection of files, formal audit deficiency, material test´s defects, biased opinions.

Environmental Law

Water pollution control, emission control law, soil protection law, nature protection law, legislation on waste, mining law, construction planning law, urban planning legislation, European environmental law, environmental proceedings, environmental authorities, radiation protection law, permission proceedings, environmental processes ‘rights.

Event Law

Event law, liability of the organizer, musical event organization, media event organization, contracts for an event law, European and international events, taxes´ law for international artists, administrative and legal proceedings

Economic Law

National and international economic law, law firm specialized in economical rights, business lawyer, economic agreement, companies’ rights, law enforcement

Family Law

Matrimonial law, marriage contract, matrimonial property rights, separation, divorce, divorce lawyer, legal custody, right to determine place of residence, right of contract, child support, spousal support, post marital support, divorce proceedings, consensual divorce, maintenance settlement


trademark faq, patent faq, design faq, food law faq, public procurement law faq, competition faq, anti trust faq, costs faq, attorney faq

Film Law

Film financing, rights on the production of film, filming contract rights, right of use, youth protection, media rights, copyright, copyright violation, neighboring rights, process control

Free Invention

Go to *Employee invention law

Foodstuff Law

Food regulation numbers rights, regulation on food information, hygiene rights, contracts on food regulations, right of advertising of food, administrative offence, administrative and legal proceedings

Foreclosure Law

Check and research of the possibilities of foreclosure law, attachment and utilization, immovable services and rights, optimized introduction, execution proceedings and management (time, location, content), management of subsequent process, European and international foreclosure.

Guarantee Law

Guarantee contract, claim as guarantor, objections of the principal debtor and the guarantor, court proceedings

Gaming Law

Lottery right, offer of a reward, competition right, youth protection, European gambling law

High education Law

High school diploma right, high education examinations right, university and private colleges right, university places complain, collage authority’s rights, employment law, Promotion process

Industrial Property right protection, Intellectual Property Law

Lawyers specialized in industrial property right, Patent right,  utility model right, Design right, trademark right, copyright law, competition law, variety protection, antitrust law, registration or defense of protection rights, Freedom-to-Operate-Researches and assessment, companies defense against patent infringement claims, European and international right protections and protective rights statements and extensions; protective right management, Portfolio-optimization, protective rights strategy support,  administrative and legal proceedings.

Industrial rental Law, Tenancy Law

Rent law, rent contract law, rent bond, rental period, rent reductions, notice of termination, eviction proceedings, rent contract, commercial rental contract, business premises rental contract, contract management, process control

Industrial Law

Industrial examination, industrial registration, business license, industrial proceedings, safeness, administrative procedures, process control, commercial lisence to operate a business in Germany.

International Right

International administrative procedures, cross-border treaties, international intellectual property, international industrial property rights, international sales law, enforcement recognition procedures, rights clearing, etc

Internet Law

Liability of data context in Internet, online specific copyright, network statements, protection of personal rights, protection of minors, provider contracts, provider liability, defense on warning letters, creation of term of use of a website, liability of platforms and panels operators, file sharing networks, illegal download of music and films, liability for hyperlink, search engine, data protection, establishment of privacy statement, domain litigation, domain law, online marketing (advertising and marketing contracts) , Legal support of internet service providers, web designers, media agencies, web shop operators and e-commerce websites, e-commerce, e-business.

IP Due Diligence

Screening of ip rights of the target, M&A, IP transaction, DD, closing, ip dataroom, IP law


Project and company support in all branch-specific legal questions from the IT / TC market.

(Software, hardware, deposit / escrow), contract enforcement, defense of claims, licensing and approval procedures, copyright and media law, technical law, process procedures

Italian Law

Italian intellectual property, Italian trademark law, Italian patent law, Italian design law, litigation in Italy, Italian labor law, Italian distribution law, Italian warranties law and product liability law

International Law

We work in many different countries around the world, in accordance with national and international law firms to help resolve international legal issues according to their national legal framework: Egypt, Arab Emirates, Argentina, Australia, Benelux, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, England, Estonia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Canada, Korea, Croatia, Cuba, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Austria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal , Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, USA, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Indemnity Law

General accident claims, traffic accidents, accidents at work, accident damage, damage claims of special occupational groups (medical law, pharmacy liability, liability of the tax consultant, liability of the auditor, etc.)

Insurance Law

Insurance contract´s law, insurance agent´s rights, insurance intermediary rights, insurance company, policy holder, sanitary insurance, pension insurance, insurance for occupational disability, D&O-Insurance, liability insurance, insurance supervision law.

Image Right/ Image law

Right to their own image, consent to the image publication, image exploitation contract, photography license, copyright and copyright law, personality right, right of informational self-determination, litigation

Job-related inventions

Go to *Employee invention law

Leasing Law

Leasing contract right, leasing law, termination, withdrawal, leasing financing, business leasing, Sale-and-lease-back, contract enforcement, defense from claims, legal proceedings

Law of succession/ Inheritance Law

Inheritance, heritage, contract of inheritance, succession, testament, “Berliner” testament, settlement, certificate of inheritance, international law of succession, business succession, legal proceedings.

Labor Law

Employment contract, work certificate, regular termination, extraordinary termination, protection of employment, leave, working time, co-determination and other collective labor law, labor court proceedings


Legal Disputes in Germany, Court proceedings, Court disputes, German dispute resolution, Litigation lawyers in Germany, oral court hearing, representative before courts


Due Diligence, equipment of a Data Room, company purchase, company purchase, company valuation, company fusion, conversion


Mediator, mediation proceedings, legal proceeding, mediating costs, out-of-court resolution, arbitral proceedings, conciliation process.

Media Law

Television right, approval rights, media supervision rights, Film rights, image rights, photo rights, media industrial law, author rights, telecommunication law, broadcasting rights, European media law, international media law, process control

Medical Devices Law

Medical devices law, differentiation from other products ‘categories.

Medical Law

Medical law, medical liability rights, medical profession law, medical contract rights/corporate law, head doctor contracts, data protection law, healthcare advertising law, hospitals ‘law, health insurance company rights, medical products right, remuneration law, insurances rights, emergency cases law, service provider’s rights.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage laws, traineeship, minimal employments, piece rate and minimum wage, exceptions on the minimum wage allowed.

Multi-Level Marketing Right

MLM rights, Network Marketing rights, business creation for MLM companies, MLM-Consultants, MLM-Partner, assessment of tradability of MLM-products and und MLM-services, competition law.

Music Law

Music contract´s rights, tape takeover agreement, performers exclusive contract, label contract, musicians ‘rights, artist´s name, GEMA, GVL, practicing artist, writer and compositors, E-Music, U-Music, music right of sale, musician´s management, author rights, Portfolio-improvement process control.

Medicine Advertising Law

Competition law, warnings for the infringement of the right of medicine advertising, procedures, injunctive process, process control

Medical Liability Law

Patients' rights, access to patient records / treatment files, treatment errors, therapy errors, medical procedures, medical / hospital insurance

Online Right

Go to *Internet Law

Procurement Law

Tendering, tendering support, European contracting, European procurement law, procurement law decisions, allocation chamber, rebuke, appeal to the Higher Regional Court, free-hand award, award, award demolition, examination of procurement, award´s documentation, contract design, administrative and legal proceedings.

Publishing Law

Publishing contractual law, publishing management right, publisher rights, editor rights, counterstatement, press, press distribution, music publisher rights, Film publisher rights, media publisher rights, performances publishing law, license rights, rights management, rights clearing, authors´ contracts, contractual negotiations in Germany, Europe and worldwide, legal proceedings.

Public commercial law

Administrative commercial law, environmental law, european law, energy law, life science law, telecommunications law, ppp

Penal Law

Go to *Commercial Criminal Law

Protection of Plant Variety Right

Protection of variety researches, variety names researches, protection of variety in Germany, Europe and internationally, variety protection advising and examination, seeds variety rights, release of variety, variety protection infringements´ proceedings, protection of variety portfolio´s management, Portfolio-development, legal and administrative proceedings.

Process Control

Defense from a claim, assertion of a claim, legal proceedings, claims ‘proceedings, arbitration proceedings, conciliation´s procedures, mediation.

Product´s Liability

Indemnity law, compensations, quasi manufacturer, products ‘rights of liability, product´s liability management, regress, process control.

Press Law

Personal rights, right of text´s reporting, rights of photojournalism, fundamental rights, press and media law, press´s right of publishing, alternative financing methods, Presse-online rights, EU-Presse rights, international press law, editor, chief editor, contractual law, press contractual law, process law, reply, revocation and defense, injunctive process

Patent Protection

Patent application in Germany and Europe, international Patent registration, national patent´s application in a foreign country, Freedom-to-Operate research, patent’s term extension, sales representative improvement, patent management, administrative and legal proceedings.

Patent Law

Patent research, patent consultancy , examination of patentability, alternative property rights, patent proceedings, products ‘patent, grant of a patent proceedings, provisory patent application, patent application in Germany and Europe, international Patent registration, national patent´s application in a foreign country, patent evaluation, patent exploitation rights, Patent license, patent -/Know-How-license contract, patent portfolio optimization, patent rights management, patent infringement proceedings, administrative and legal proceedings.

Patent Attorneys

Patent attorneys law firm, trademarks, patents, utility models, Designs, variety, know-how, protective law researches, monitoring of property rights, contract laws and commercial legal protection.

Pharmacy Law

Pharmaceutical company rights, pharmaceutical marketing rights, investment in pharmacy, selling and purchase of pharmacies, pharmaceutical law, pharmaceutical advertising and competition law, advertising of products law, pharmaceutical products law.

Pharmaceutical Law

Delimitation of medicinal products / foodstuffs / food supplements, medicinal products, medicine distribution, medicine approval procedures

Penalty Right/ Penalty Law

Representation assets, also for infringements of antitrust law, competition law, industrial property rights and intellectual property, IT rights, telecommunications rights, food law, medicine law, medicinal products law, medical product law as well as other administrative offenses, defense in investigations and in court

Photo Right/ Photo Law

Photographer rights, Photojournalism rights, freedom of Panorama, photo right of an individual, photo right of an item, modeling contract, picture license agreement, process control

Purchase Right

Purchasing contract rights, permission of purchasing, warranty coverage, shortage, guarantee deficiency, subsequent improvement or loss of a purchase, withdrawal, damages, consumer good purchase, consumer protection, trading business, reproach office


Litigation, forensics, deadline perception in Lower Saxony.


General restructuring and reconstruction´s consultations, negotiations with creditors, lender, shareholders and company leaders, planning and monitoring of results-oriented restructuring measures, preparation of a restructuring plan in consultation with taxes experts, consulting and representation of company leaders in the enterprise crisis and during the reorganization, representation of creditors against insolvency administrators / temporary insolvency administrators, right of insolvency, protective screening.

Real Estate Law

Property purchase right, estate agent right, real estate finance right, property management, property portfolio right, real estate contract management, property administrators right, regulatory procedure implementation, trial.

Rental Law

Go to *Industrial rental law

State Aid Law

EU antitrust law, subsidy reimbursement, EU law, European Commission Directorate-General for Competition, ECJ litigation

Soil Protection Legislation

Soil environmental law, soil protection legislation, soil protection, site remediation, adhesion to soils.

School Legislation

Compulsory education, school enrolment, postponement, reassignment, school regulations, expulsion from school, right of choosing a school, assignment, school tests, schooling discussion, school inspecting, school authorities, students obligations, instructors’ obligations, parents’ obligations, surrogate schools, private schools, school´s contracts, professor´s contracts, training´s contract, public school legislation, disciplinary laws.

Sport Law

Sport contract´s law, athletes’ agreements ‘rights, athletes ‘management contract, Transfer, Sport marketing law, Sport sponsoring, sportive organizations law, Liga-rights, sport jurisdiction, Doping, administrative and legal proceedings such as defense in criminal proceedings.

Shipping and Trade Law

Mail-order companies, shopping platforms (eBay, Amazon, etsy, Dawanda u.a.), rights of revocation, return, price quotation rights, information obligation, shipper, consumer law

Terms and Conditions Law

General Terms and Conditions preparation, General Terms and Conditions adjustments, General Terms and Conditions in purchase and supply, General Terms and Conditions in shop and samples, international rights, in contract law, multilingual and IT-general terms and conditions.

Trademark Law

Trademarks research, trademarks registration in Germany, Europe, and worldwide; trademarks portfolio management, and optimization, consulting in trademark improvements, trademark infringement proceedings, trademark objection proceedings, company representation, work titles rights, right of name, right of company name, branding, assertion and defense of claims.

Trademark Protection

Trademarks registration in Germany, Europe and worldwide, extension of trademark term, brand improvement, improvement of national sales representative.

Templates (free)

free templates, sample contracts, license agreement, German law

Tenancy Law

Lease agreement law, peculiarity of leasing rights toward tenancy law, lease hold rights, real estate lease law, rental protective rights, business tenancy.

Traffic Law

Traffic law in case of an accident, administrative offence in traffic law, driver license law, claim settlement, insurance law, improvement of the fleet of vehicles and its management, contractual management, contractual design, legal and administrative proceedings, criminal traffic law.

Transport Law

Shipping law, freight law, warehousing, damage regulation, transport law, commercial law, official and judicial proceedings, EU transport law, international transport law, foreign trade law, import law, export law.

Telecommunication Law

Telecommunication Law, Tele-media right, telecommunication authorization´s right, telecommunication administrative law, telecommunication civil right, proceedings for and against telecommunication´s company, legal and administrative proceedings.

Technological Law

General labeling right according to ElektroG, CE standardization, WEEE, etc as well as IT law, telecommunications law, energy law, construction law, engineering law

Taxes Law

Tax-consultant, accounting, objection against state assessments, proceedings before the financial jurisdiction, criminal tax law, process agreement.

Waste Disposal Law

Waste Environmental Law, Recycling Law, Recycling, Altlastensanierung

Warning Notice

Warning declaration of discontinuance, especially in competition law, trademark law, copyright law, design law, patent law, utility model rights or other similar rights; reaction alternatives solution; preliminary injunction.


Defect, repair, rescission, damages, revocation, guarantee promise, liability right, liability process, process management.


YouTube (Film right/ Video right/ image right), Instagram (Image right), Pinterest & Co in case of copyright, general civil and penal matters.

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